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A Pooled Trust is a special type of Special Needs Trust that protects an injury victim’s public assistance eligibility. Our highly professional staff is experienced in dealing with the variety of issues faced by an injury victim post-settlement when dealing with Medicaid or SSI eligibility. We provide high quality service and strive to quickly but efficiently process distribution requests by trust beneficiaries. We provide periodic statements and up to date accountings are always available upon request. The trust assets are actively managed by professional money managers. For up to date information on the allocation breakdown please contact us. We pride ourselves on the individualized attention that each trust beneficiary is provided.

Did You Know?

The Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust is the first pooled trust designed specifically for the special needs of injury victims.

Our trust makes it possible for remaining assets to be returned to the family at death, in certain situations, or remain in the trust for the benefit of other persons with disabilities. Our Pooled Trust beneficiaries get more than just protection of public benefits. The beneficiary gets the advantages that come from being a member of a large trust, including high-quality investment management services, better interest rates and commercial trustee services, all for an annual fee based on a percentage of the fund.

Testimonials What Our clients Have To Say

  • “Many of my clients have joined or have helped a family member join the Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust. My experience working with this pooled trust has always been very positive.”

    -Derek B. Alvarez, Tampa, FL

  • “The Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust are user friendly, fast, efficient and most importantly cost effective.”

    -Anthony F. Diecidue, Esq., Tampa, FL

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